Sanctions alerts reduced to 5%.

The Enigma Screen engine filters out false positive noise using tailored matching methodologies fit to your bank, without increasing risk or replacing your current screening software.

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Discover how a top financial institution reduced alerts by 66% with Enigma's screening engine.

We outperform one-size-fits-all solutions with our tailored matching methodologies.

Evolve beyond fuzzy matching techniques and high alert volumes with new increased screening precision.

Our matching engine ensures apples-to-apples comparisons (e.g., names to names).

Through machine learning, the best algorithm for every data type is identified.

Historical decisions are leveraged to suggest new rules that optimize screening accuracy.

Reduction Alert Rates4

Take control of your sanctions program.


Unmatched configurability

Configure all rules, thresholds, and models to your exact specifications


Full decision explainability

Access robust decision audit trails for every hit and alert.


Automated reporting

Rely on instantly-generated reports that save valuable time and resources.